Community Service

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.” Sheryl Sandberg

Since my exchange year in high school, I have volunteered for various projects. Close to my heart are Colored Glasses and YFU. Both organizations make an effort to foster respect, acceptance, and appreciation among different cultures and communities of our world. Again communication is key - be it intercultural communication or science communication.

Member of the steering board of
Colored Glasses

Colored Glasses is an educational service of the German Youth for Understanding Komitee e.V. (YFU). We offer workshops at schools and bring the cultural exchange experience into the classroom. Our workshops cover topics like stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and intercultural communication. I am on the steering board and lead the marketing team.

Myself on the frozen baltic sea in Latvia during my exchange year

Me at the frozen baltic sea in Latvia during my exchange year.

International Volunteer with YFU

Youth for Understanding (YFU) offers student exchange for high school students. I went as an exchange student for one year to Latvia in 2009. Since then, I have volunteered in various activities in Germany and abroad. Most recently, I led preparation seminars for outgoing students as well as for incoming students (due to the pandemic online).

Mentor for Applicid

ApplicAid is an online platform to bring students applying for scholarships together with mentors. "It's like a tinder for higher education" hear more in the video below or visit the website.